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    14-71 M4 Supercharger Assembly, includes choice of top insert plate, and snout length.

    This is a lower cost DMPE version of the standard trend in blowers. As we all know the insert at the rear of the inlet port makes power over the stock cased 14-71’s. Having the ability to change the inlet size is a tuners advantage with both air and track conditions. Each inlet size also nets a different power curve as the engine dyno shows us. Of course not to mention the inlet "shoes" are also sized for different overdrives as well. The downsides to the inserts that are machined into the stock cases are as follows. -Bore tends to distort when you machine the material out for the shoe pocket. -No real material to attach the shoe properly (set screws are normally used in the same manner Teflon is retained as there really isn't enough case material to do it correctly.) -Case cracking in thin areas is sometimes an issue as well. This unit is also completely 3D designed and machined. It enjoys a 7 lb. weight reduction over a stock Kobelco Superman, which we will commonly compare to as the industry standard. The inlet and discharge port have been moved and redesigned to increase in the performance of the unit also making it the best blower money can buy in this specific price range. Insert shoes are available from DMPE in shapes and sizes we have designed and dyno tested. We are also offering them in blank form. This allows you, the customer, to try, test, or just play around with your own ideas for inlet design. The M4 design is aimed at offering a blower that will parallel the performance (or out perform) the modified blowers in there stock form. The M4 also removes all of the above listed troubles racers are having with modifying stock units. It is aimed at a lower cost than the M5 to meet budgeted race teams. (Spacer not included) The 14-71 with 5.375 drive snout weighs 99.0 pounds 100-073-99-075 (5.375 inch Snout) 100-073-99-076 (7.375 inch Snout)