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    Light weight, high strength billet third member for extreme applications. Our billet housing is designed to clear 10.5" ring gears. Strength and weight were the focus when designing this part. We chose 5/8" through bolts over studs and rooted the spool caps into the housing over hollow dowels for increased cap location and control of deflection when launching the car. The caps have 3 locking locations for the bearing load nuts allowing no compromising of the bearing pre-load. (18) - 5/16" bolts ensure proper pinion support location. Also we have cleared the stock at the bottom housing mounting bolts to make removing the member as easy task as compared to the original design and reducing weight. After inspection you will agree this is the nicest and strongest 3rd member on the market. Housing, spool caps, spool cap grade 9 bolts and nuts, pinion bearing and races, pinion hardware, pinion shims, o-rings, load bolts, spool load nuts included.