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  1. 5/16 AN Washer

    5/16 AN Washer


    5/16 AN Washer Front Cover Bolts and Rear Bearing Housing. Sold as a set. Learn More
  2. Bearing Retainer Screw

    Bearing Retainer Screw


    10-32 x .500 BHTS Used on Front Bearing Retainer and Rear Bearing Cover. Sold as set. Learn More
  3. Coupler Bolt

    Coupler Bolt


    3/8-24 X .875 Allen Head Cap Screw (Used to bolt coupler to drive gear on non-superman models. Used to bolt coupler spacer to drive gear on superman models.) Learn More
  4. Coupler Spacer Bolt

    Coupler Spacer Bolt


    3/8 x 1 - 24 Allen Head Cap Screw used in Superman models only. (Bolts drive coupler to Alumium coupler spacer used in Superman superchargers.) Sold as a set. Learn More
  5. Front Cover Dowel Pin

    Front Cover Dowel Pin


    5/16x1 Front Cover Dowel Pin (4 each) Used in locating front cover to front bearing housing. Learn More
  6. Front Bearing Housing Bolts

    Front Bearing Housing Bolts


    5/16 x 1-18 12 Point Bolt for Front and Rear Bearing Housings (used to attach the rear cover to the rotor case, and also to attach the front bearing housing to the rotor case on all Kobelco models) Sold as set for both Front Bearing Housing and Rear Cover. Learn More
  7. Front Cover Bolt

    Front Cover Bolt


    5/16 x 2.250 -18 Used for Front Cover. (Used to attach front cover to the rotor case, bolts reach through the front bearing housing and thread into the rotor case ensuring proper load distribution.) Learn More
  8. Front Cover Snap Ring

    Front Cover Snap Ring


    Snap Ring used to capture front cover snout support bearing. This bearing supports the drive coupler and is unique to the Kobelco supercharger. Learn More
  9. Inner Strip Screw

    Inner Strip Screw


    6-32 x .500 Flat Head Torx Screw This screw is used to retain the teflon in the rotors. Used only on the side plastic and is shorter than the bolts used to locate the tip plastic. The side plastic is used to seal the rotor lobe to the oposite rotor sealing pad (seals rotor to rotor) Sold as set. Learn More
  10. Kobelco Timing Gear Bolt

    Kobelco Timing Gear Bolt


    Used to retain the Kobelco drive gear to the shaft. This special manufactured gear bolt is designed to increase the shear strength of the shaft by griping the shaft inside the rotor rather than at the greatest shear areas (end of spline or at the rotor bearing interface). This bolt is designed to be torqued to 100 foot pounds. Sold seperatly. Learn More
  11. Pressure Release Valve

    Pressure Release Valve


    Front Cover Pressure Release Valve. This is the button everyone loves to push. It is best for seal life to release the gear case pressure before overhaul only, as the seals are applied to the shafts by the gear case pressure. Seals will crack and fail prematurely if pressure is released at the end of every run. Learn More
  12. Rotor Screw Thread Inserts

    Rotor Screw Thread Inserts


    6-32 Thread inserts for Tip and Side stripping holes. These are life savers when your threads pull out and you're trying to pull Teflon stripping to complete your overhaul. Learn More
  13. Snout Bolt

    Snout Bolt


    5/16-18 x .750 12 Point Bolt. Used to attach the kobelco snout to the kobelco front cover. This bolt is torqued to 18 foot pounds and should be periodicly checked as the drive snout recieves excessive loads. Sold as set. Learn More
  14. Snout Snap Ring

    Snout Snap Ring


    Snap Ring used to retain the seal into the kobelco snout. This snap ring is common to both the Kobelco long and short snout. Learn More
  15. Tip Strip Screw

    Tip Strip Screw


    6-32 x .750 Flat Head Torx Screw. This is the screw used to retain the tip plastic in a Kobelco rotor. The tip plastic is the stipping used to seal the rotor to the rotor case bore. (must be machined to size before supercharger assembly) Sold as set. Learn More
  16. Waldes External Snap Ring (snout)

    Waldes External Snap Ring (snout)


    Snap ring used to retain the snout drive shaft into the snout housing. Learn More

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