Dyno Testing

DMPE Dyno Testing Cell..

Denny Hummel's TAD engine.

Artie McElwee's M5 Supercharged 481X

R2B2 Tubocharged 481X


CRR ADRL C Rotor Pro-extreme.  Dyno pull 5500-10,000 RPM  


 Converter Testing on our Inertia Dyno.  An interesting example of the unique testing we offer at DMPE.

converter testing


Aaron Wells 2012 ADRL Hemi 3264.59 HP @ 9600rpm 2324.66 ftlbs
Mk 11 Injector with DMPE Axial plate

Denny Hummel Racing NHRA TAD 477C.I.D 2912.64HP @ 9300RPM