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Worsham continues to lead Kalitta charge in Countdown - Team Kalitta Pre-Race Report - Maple Grove

Del Win


MOHNTON, Penn. (Sept. 30, 2015) – Del Worsham, driver of the DHL Toyota Camry Funny Car, has had a start of to the NHRA Mello Yello Countdown to the Championship that all drivers dream about. He takes his streak of eight consecutive round wins into a place where he has never won: Maple Grove Raceway.

Winning the first race of the Countdown in Charlotte, Worsham continued his strong start in St. Louis. The DHL Toyota Camry was solid throughout qualifying. Worsham earned a total of nine bonus points as he was among the top two times in each session.

The best part of the weekend was when Worsham ran 3.899 second pass to reset the national record in Funny Car in the last session. He became one of only four drivers to ever hold the national record in Top Fuel and Funny Car.

The momentum continued on Sunday. Jon Oberhofer, Nicky Boninfante and the DHL team gave Worsham four three second runs and Worsham was consistent on the starting line to pick up his first win in St. Louis since 2009. He became the first driver in NHRA history to run four three-second passes in eliminations and takes his run of seven consecutive three-second passes into Maple Grove. Worsham also became the first driver to give Kalitta Motorsports back-to-back Funny Car wins.





Meadors, Pure Hell2 Pro Mod Finds California Hot Rod Reunion Winner’s Circle 

Bakersfield, CA – Goodguys Rod & Custom Association President Marc Meadors used racing luck and high performance to capture the Nostalgia Pro Modified title at last weekend’s NHRA California Hot Rod Reunion at historic Famoso Raceway north of Bakersfield. Driving the “Pure Hell2” supercharged ’69 Camaro, Meadors qualified on the pole, set a track speed record and was quickest and fastest in every round of Sunday’s final eliminations where he twice caught lucky breaks helping him to win the event with relative ease.

 In the first round of eliminations against John Overholser’s ’56 Chevy, Meadors left the line early drawing a “red light” start but Overholser lost control of his car and crossed the centerline instantly disqualifying him from the round. Unfazed by the foul start, Meadors charged down track to a 5.873 @ 248.75mph pass for the quickest Pro Mod run of the weekend. Meadors’ semi-final run of 5.901 with a speed of 249.03 in a victory over Joe Lepone Jr would hold up for top speed of the meet and establish a track record speed for Pro Mod.

 Even though he was favored by most to win the Pro Mod final round against Scott Bailey’s ’69 Camaro, Meadors again caught a lucky break when Bailey’s car broke after the burnout and couldn’t back up to the starting line. Meadors simply staged his car and took the green light for his first-ever win at Famoso Raceway.

 “I’d rather be lucky than good sometimes but fortunately today we were both lucky and good. Fast too,” he said following the race. “I worked a lot of Goodguys vintage drag races here at this famous dragstrip as the event director watching other guys and gals race. It was my turn to enjoy the thrill of a big win. Without our sponsors like Red Line Oil, DMPE, Tim McAmis Race Cars, Neal Chance Torque Converters, Andy’s T Shirts, Fiber Optic Supply and Bunker Race Cars as well as my seriously dedicated crew chief Jason Bunker, Car Chief Billy Fereira, Danny Miller and Greg Lee none of this would be possible. It was a great day for the Goodguys Racing Team!”

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Photo's courtesy of Marc Gewertz of NHRA





On testing_trial runs at the Bonneville salt flats the DMPE supercharged car ran 322.11 mph in the 2 1/4 mile traps.  This is the third fastest time in history.  Darren and staff will be hard at work on there Inertia Dyno working to increase power for a record attempt at Speedweek in August 2013.









DMPE New Product. 


     Due to popular request DMPE has introduced a flex plate with 4130 heat treated replaceable segmented ring gear sections.  (Patent Pending)  After the introduction of our ProExtreme lightweight 29-2 flex plate we received many requests to design a purpose built flex plate with a starter ring gear for cars with on board starters.  We decided to segment the steel gear because it didn’t make sense to encase an aluminum flex plate with a steel ring gear knowing the temperatures involved.  While cranking kick back is a large part of failed iron geared starter rings there is also a problem with expansion of the different materials.  After much study, here is the result of our design, available in duel pattern (Coan) and single pattern (Chance) converter bolt patterns for the popular Hemi flange and soon for Chevy and ford.

flex plate with ring gear


close up of gear segment     

DMPE New Product. 
 Due to Kobelco retiring from supercharger manufacturing, we have decided to make reproduction parts to allow these superchargers to be repaired, and serviced well into the future.  Here is the first of the Kobelco aftermarket parts:

Superman 14-71 replacement cases DMPE PN 100-004-99-805.
Improvements to the design are.
 *provisions for a top shoe with sealing oring and DMPE bolt pattern.
 *injector hat bolt patterns to meet std Enderle, DMPE spread front pattern and Aerodyne spread front pattern.
 *rear injection nozzle provisions are also moved to meet design improvement requirements. 
 *Improved casting material and reduced porosity

14-71 superman replacement case 

 DMPE M4 8-71 is here by popular demand.  Available in both standard and High helix rotor design using the DMPE X3 rotor profile.  As with all M4 DMPE superchargers the inlet port has a removable top insert plate for adjusting (tuning) the boost curve to your engine overdrive combination.  



dmpe M4 8-71

DMPE Flexplate SFI update.

DMPE will be upgrading SFI 29.1 to 29.2 to meet the new ADRL specifications after the first of the year.  Please email Debra and she will give you more information.


* check out latest engineering to see our new screw blower drive absorber*  PN: 800-006-99-794

srew absorber

DMPE Billet 3rd member

DMPE has released its new 3d designed and machined 9" ford third member. We have redesigned the 3rd member from the ground up to provide the lightest and strongest gear housing available for todays high horsepower cars. This housing provides enough room for a 10.5" ring gear and also uses 3.812" OD spool bearing. The pinion support location is single point bored for improved pinion alignment and capture, improving gear life. The bearing caps are captured into the housing to provide unsurpassed stability and reduced deflection at launch, also improving gear alignment under load. Through bolts were chosen over studs for improved strength and deflection control. Side ring load bolts, increased pinion bolt count and face oring are also features added to our new 3rd member.

each 3rd member includes: third member housing with caps, bolts, nuts. Pinion support, pinion inner and outer bearings (large pro gear dia) pinion seal, pinion shims. Load bolts, spool adjusting nuts and locks. (ring and pinion, Yoke and pinion nut not included)

Call DMPE for more information:

lightened bottom side


New From DMPE

SFI 29.1 Approved flex plate designed specifically for High Horsepower converter driven cars. 3D designed and machined to meet the needs of todays ADRL lightweight Pro Extreme cars. The flex plate comes with hard inserted 10.750 and 11.50 bolt circles for converter mounting (other converter mounting available upon request). The center converter location is single point bored to suit a 1.700" converter hub. Crankshaft bolt pattern is Hemi 8 bolt. The DMPE flex plate exceeds the SFI Foundations strength and material requirements and weights only 2.5 pounds.

DMPE part number 250-022-99-730 (no starter ring)

Unit price $460.00

DMPE SFI 29.1 flex plate

Click on the above image to enlarge

At DMPE Inc. our services help each of our customers reach their ultimate goal: WINNING!

DMPE has the most knowlege of Roots Supercharger from design to repair to performance improvements . Whether it's overhauls, damage repair, parts or new complete units, we are the # 1 source for performance superchargers. Although we manufacturer our own high quality superchargers, we do welcome all other brands for repair, overhaul or modifications. DMPE also specializes in fuel system parts, service and set up. We offer wet flow fuel system bench testing along with a complete line of fuel pumps, fuel injection parts and carbon fiber and magnesium injector hats. Be sure to visit our online parts store for all your racing needs.

DMPE Getting Busy with Marine Superchargers

DMPE is also offering service and performance upgrade work on small superchargers from the marine industry. With efficient turn around times and great knowledge of the product we offer another critical service in a world where answer are sometimes hard to come by. Pictured is Todd Jurek's offshore Sonic with twin supercharged 575's.

New Mk 12 Injector Hat for Screw Blower Applications

C. G. Composites Ltd, the world leader in Carbon Fiber fuel injector hats, in conjunction with DMPE Inc. introduces the Mark 12 axial screw blower injector hat. Like its predecessor the Mark 11 (tall version), the Mark 12 is fully 3D modeled and designed. Carlo Gandolfi, owner of C.G. Composites stated, “These two new injector hats (Mk 11 and Mk 12) are in a league of their own. The perfectly cnc machined plug that DMPE provides me to make the set of molds and then the actual part is a pattern makers dream. Working with all at DMPE has definitely brought our product to the next level. The ultimate goal of these two new products is to bring the racer a lighter, higher quality part, which performs better on the track”.

The Mk 12 was designed with visibility in mind for alcohol funny cars and Outlaw Pro Mod racers alike. Gandolfi says, “Creating a hat that met the height goal and the performance level was the premise to the project and we are happy with the outcome”.

The hat has a unique bolt pattern and requires a special restraint plate that attaches to the PSI screw charger in both its C and D versions. The plate also allows for the use of DMPE’s stealth axial insert if one chooses to use the complete package or move in steps as the racer decides to move forward.

The Mk 12 weighs in at 6 pounds and a total vision height of 6.375 inches. For more info on the Mk12 injector hat and or any of the other DMPE screw blower components please contact DMPE inc.


DMPE Screw Blower Manifold Studs

Finally a purpose built stud and nut kit for the PSI screw blower. This stud and nut is built for easy access in the close configuration of the screw blower application. Studs are anodized for corrosion protection. 12 point nuts for ease of access and that racey look. Call for immediate pricing and info. or click Here.

Stealth Insert Plate Unmasked

Completely 3D modeled and machined our new StealthTop Insert Plate for the PSI C or D rotor screw compressor is the next level of developement in screw blower technology. This new piece is compatible with our new MK 11 injector hat, listed below. Both pieces complete the axial (front loading) concept behind screw blowers. For more info and pricing please call DMPE Bryan @ 1-269-428-5070. Note......Insert plate is also available for all standard hat designs. PSI deep throat, PSI Funny Car, and JBR Models.

Rear Geared Nitro Applications for 14-71 and 6-71 M4's

Commisso Smashes Pro Mod Record with DMPE M5 14-71 Supercharger


DMPE / C.G. Composites New Design

DMPE / C.G. Composites have come to the table once again with our latest injector hat design for screw style superchargers. It is the first 3D modeled and machined carbon fiber injector hat.

DMPE inc. Introduces Improved High Velocity Rotor Shaft Seals

Dmpe has been spending many hours rethinking and developing our line of performance products to offer the best possible product to our customer. While improving our line of supercharger units, we have made time to address the need for an improved sealing element for the gear cavities, and also the drive snouts. The new alcohol shaft seals have proven themselves in our dyno testing without failure. They also have shown improved ability to withstand the increasing surface speeds and pressures that our present line of seals were struggling to handle. We are pleased with the seals improved performance and are now introducing the seal design into our snouts as well. The snout seals are in production at this time. The new seals are based on aluminum housings and are sold under part number 100-002-99-331. The seals will retrofit to all Kobelco superchargers using the small alcohol shaft. However a small modification will be required to the Kobelco shaft to allow installation. DMPE will provide proper instruction in these situations. This modification labor will not be required when installing on any of the DMPE X3 rotor lines.