Screw Compressor Drive Absorber Assembly


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Harmonic absorber for PSI screw compressor drive. Designed to replace the stock splined coupler, this device removes shock and vibration that shortens the drive belt and quill shaft life. A simple bolt in part that pays for itself in the first couple of races in just belt life alone.

DMPE designs harmonic absorber for PSI screw compressor. Yes, we are tired of broken quill shafts and short belt life too. So we decided to make a harmonic dampener for the drive. It attaches to the drive gear and uses the original quill or a Lenco quill. This drive absorber is designed to deflect and absorb shock harmonics from the crankshaft pulses and also gear lash from the supercharger. Recent testing has shown dramatic belt life improvements.

RESULTS FROM INITIAL TESTING: “19 Hits, one belt! Please send me another one!” Norm Grimes — “10 laps with the same belt, are you kidding me? You cant have it back.” Steve Wells

Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 6 x 3 in

Exploded View / Torque Specs

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